Betel nut beauties banned?


Usually it’s like a glass booth framed with fluorescent bars of light and you can see a scantily clad young lady inside perched on a stool preparing betel nut.

At least, that’s what I remember them looking like. I haven’t seen one in years. I don’t get out of the city much…

I’d say it’s their trucks sending constant vibrations to their nether regions.


If one only stays in Taipei, one never would.

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Yeah, I guess so. I live in salubrious Taoyuan, the Venice of the East, so have the pleasure of seeing binlang beauties every day.

They’ve been illegal in the city since Water Flat’s Scorched Earth De-vicing his first term as Mayor.

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I’ll forgive CSB for all his negatives, but never this!

Shutting down all the night market video game arcades was even worse, the shitheel.

Google betelnut girls

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I see at least 8 per day in New Taipei , and no I won’t send any pictures. Just ride through Zong Ho or Tu Chen for an hour. Enjoy

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They still have betel nut girls in Taipei, but they aren’t beauties, and they’re almost always fully dressed.

Does that mean they can’t sell betel nuts at all, or just not in skimpy outfits? And what’s the source? I see now this is a thread split so was that just a throwaway comment or is it new?


No chicks in Ershui, just a couple old farts driving around chewing.

@Icon I’ve never seen a single man run a betelnut stand in Kaohsiung. Only “attractive” 20-something women in skimpy cut-off denim skirts. So that ban must be a Taipei thing.

There are five or six around where I live in Hsinchu. No skimpy attire at all, although the women are attractive. The way the women dress is unremarkable, though. I once saw a young guy and a middle-aged woman behind the counter of a stand, and the guy came out to give the customer his betel nut.

Heartening to learn that at least a slice of the wild west still exists in the Venice of the East, however.

You said they were banned and gone for good. The thing is that there are still here and there.

Just saw them last week in Tainan at 7am wearing lingerie. Almost strained my neck.

@Icon we demand an apology for bullshitting us.


I found an article saying that laws had been passed stating how much they had to cover up, and the booths had been banned in the “city limits” of Taipei. It was in the Guardian I think and vague on details, but betel nuts are definitely sold in Taipei City. I remember seeing a place near the Jingmei market recently selling them, and I think there’s a little shop near where I live. These places are not booths, so that may be why there not banned. You’d have to check the local law books or media for specifics.

Betel nut is overrated.