Betelnut (Beauties) Flickr Group?

I really want to go on betelnut girl photo taking missions. Maybe a flickr group is the way to go. Would anyone else want to contribute if one got started?

That Betelnut Girl toy is now my most viewed picture after being up only about a week.

Maybe I’ll go on a mission this weekend. :smiley:

Can’t accompany you Miltown, but I’d love to see your efforts. I was very seriously considering a thesis centred on Taiwan’s betel nut culture at one stage and seriously thought about colecting a stack of interviews and pics. I did compile quite a library of related articles, since tossed out, sadly.

Do keep us posted.


Interviews and pics are always on my mind. Maybe I’ll kick the group off with the stall right down the street from my house. I want to take a trip out to the betelnut growing… mountains(?) too.

Now that I think about it, maybe it’d be better as just a Betelnut group. With pictures all under the theme of Betelnut (beauties included too of course.) Then, if I would have taken that picture of the Betelnut shells I saw in the bagin bin at Blockbuster the other day I could have put them somewhere.

Looks like fotolee has gotten a jump on you, though nothing beats this betelnut beauty of alidarbac.

Grrr, friggin; net nannies. :fume:


With a whole 8 pictures! :astonished:

I want to get a group going where people care share their shots. I just realized I wouldn’t want to just limit it to “beauties” either, but everything that is the NUT.

I’m so with you Miltown, that was precisely my aim at one point.

I did grab some zany drawings off the net, I’ll try and find them again over the weekend.



Grrr, friggin; net nannies. :fume:



All from

Only or the strong.

this is the largest collection I have seen:

In the same vein (or missed spittoon) as rinkals’ pics

I think the key to a good shot is that you have to get up close. No standing 50 meters away, surreptituously snapping pics with a long telephoto. Maybe put on your silly foreigner cap and make a big joke of buying a big pack. Ask them if they could teach you how to wrap up some betelnut. After you’re all friendly and chatty for a while, then you whip out the camera and snap a shitload of pictures. After 15 minutes, they’ll start to ignore you and you’ll have natural looking pictures.

If you have a blog or anything of that sort and instantly want a bazillion hits, you could forward that to Boing Boing, who seems to post anything having to do with betelnut, no matter how weak it is.

At least that’s how I’d approach it. Perhaps it wouldn’t work. I’d try it myself, but there are hardly any betelnut beauties where I live.

…they think you are a freaky white perv and call their gangsta boyfriend.

That’s the flipside of course. Way better to get their nod first.


Was bored :unamused: , maybe a better approach.


I’m still waiting on free home delivery service. Guess that would beat that delivery guy chewing them…