Beware: Flood of Chinese Used Cooking Oil Popping up in the US

News story, did not know its resold

Flood of China Used Cooking Oil Spurs Call to Hike US Levies

start using tallow

For biofuel, I think.

This is about the US, right?


Not necessarily. Lots of US-bound products end up in weird resale situations in Taiwan (Christmas nerd ropes in June, Halloween m&ms in January. Clothing at “outlet” stores that still have their Marshall’s/TJ Max labels w/price in USD…)

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Yes, but I believe the used cooking oil story here is specific to the US. Chinese exports of used cooking oil to the US surged after the Inflation Reduction Act provided large incentives for biofuel production, which is what this UCO is used for. But US soybean producers are objecting that the flood of UCO from China is weakening demand for domestic soybean products and are asking for larger tariffs. This version of the story is not paywalled:

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Could apply to Taiwan, oil can go anywhere not only to USA.

No but this is biofuels. It’s not being reused as cooking oil.

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This is what I worry, its sent to Taiwan also though most goes to USA.

Get an air fryer

Sorry but having had air fried food and deep fried, deep fried food taste much better. Air fryer only works for food that have been pre fried as a part of processing, which honestly doesn’t justify their insane price. Might as well get a dedicated deep fryer if concerned with mess.

I’ve never had an air fryer but every time someone cooks with one it seems da*n good.

Well obviously. Everyone who likes deep-fried food already knows that, because air frying (essentially just a convection oven) introduces less fat… which is the entire point. It’s a compromise that attempts to mimic deep frying in a healthier way.

As already said above, this story about used cooking oil is anyway talking about its use in biofuels, not deep frying.