Beware the Ides of March

If you’ve heard the warning, “Beware the Ides of March,” then
it’s probably due to the works of William Shakespeare. The Roman
ruler, Julius Caesar, was assassinated on the Ides of March -
March 15, 44 B.C.E. In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, a
soothsayer tells Caesar who is already on his way to the Senate
(and his death), “Beware the ides of March.”

Why am I quoting this? Well, because I’m expecting
trouble. Consider this: China is about to pass an anti-secession
law. Chen Shuibian is already hinting that Taiwan needs to make
some response. The question is, what will that response be?

Remember that the legislature is still dominated by a pan-blue
majority, so CSB can’t simply get a law passed declaring
“Taiwanese sovereignty”. The DPP does have administrative
control, which allows such things as forcing China Oil to change
it’s name to Taiwan Oil without legislative approval, but this
isn’t likely to satisfy the DPP/TSU-faithful, who will want a
strong response.

But CSB does have the legal right to declare a
“defensive referendum”. I personally think this is the legal
strategy he will pursue. But what will the referendum question
be? It has to be something that will put a bug up China’s
ass. Maybe changing the ROC to the ROT or something like that. I
really don’t know. Anyway, if this comes to pass, it will blow
up any cooperation between the DPP and the PFP. It may create
another crisis with America. China may decide on some other
tit-for-tat retaliation. Events could spiral out of control.

Whatever comes to pass, I don’t think March is going to be a
quiet and peaceful month, even if it started out uneventful. I’m
predicting more chaos and crisis. I’d be interested to hear
speculation on this from others in this forum.


I need to do some research on this. I’ll provide you results in 26 days.

The anti-secession law will pass as expected. TIers will likely respond by bugging out their eyes while squatting (蹲着干瞪眼) and spitting betel nuts juice in a display of raging victimhood. Oh yeahrrr, I heard there will be some of dat traditional street strollin’ (逛街), handholding (牵手), and bitch-moanin’ (呛声), too. Heck, it’s been scheduled by 日奴 himself.

Unlike those sophisticated pan-blues who protested the ‘faked assassination’ huh?



Instead of passing that bullshit law on the Ides of March, tomorrow, they choose to pass it on the lucky number day, the 14th, which sounds like certain death in Chinese. Coincidence?

Oh calm down. If it’s a bullshit law, why moan.
And even it’s not a bullshit law, why worry? It’s not like Taiwanese are about to cause a “major Taidu incident” that changes the status quo, are they?

You’re missing the hidden meaning: March the 14th is White Valentine Day - a Japanese tradition which is also (sort of) celebrated in Taiwan … so perhaps they’re saying “March 14th may be a time for love for Japanese … but you lot are Chinese - so it’s a time for war!” :laughing:

Wow! It’s also a month after February 14th…Valentines Day in the US (and for any others who buy all the commercialized crap that is shoved down their throats on that day). I guess that means that the Anti-secession law is a slap in the face of both Japanese and US lovers.

Gasp! Chinese are attacking LOVE! How could the world sit idly by. Well…the EU will be sitting on its thumb, as always. At least they won’t be completely motionless.

The prophetic mantle is heavy. Are you sure you want to wear it?

I don’t know if the month will prove you wrong, but I hope it will.

Well, here we are at the Ides, and no Chinese armies in sight.

(In my best soothsayer voice:) Be-ware the fools of April!