Beyond Burger and Plant Based Meats

When you say contaminated do you mean using excessive amounts of it, where “it” is whatever growth promotant or antibiotic they add?

They are crammed in an unnatural environment so you need antibiotics for when they get sick, and other nasty stuff to make them produce quality meat (edit: I mean containing the right proportion of flesh/fat/muscle) even though they are sat in a stall all day. That we all know, what I am interested in is whether these additives are used responsibly.

Yes antibiotcs and growth hormones are a a couple things. But my post was more thinking about excessive pesticide and herbicide residues on grain and seed inputs is often pretty nasty. Rotten and spoiled by products also make a large portion. But thats also isnt high up the list of things to worry about.

Having to use drugs because they raise them poorly doesnt often equate to quality pork IMO.

Hard to find anything other than factory raised meat here. Consumers are just not demanding anything else. There is one that claims pasture fed, “Herb pork”, but very hard to find any real info…

Where does the replacement for leather come from, oil?

You can get some from farmers who raise them on the hills. Not too common I think.

Agreed. A serious problem worth fixing.

TGIF has it if anyone cares.

The struggle is real


Meanwhile…arthritic 80 year olds are growing their own food free on gov land everywhere on bicycles. Oh, how busy we must be.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Anywhere down south with these burgers?

Small patches that fit on bicycles!

And the Darwin award of the year goes to…

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I you get food leftovers from people wouldn’t you be happy it’s any good food?

I’ve heard family mart is going to start selling their veggie burgers. Anyone seen them?