Beyond The Call Of Duty

I invited a couple of dear friends, fellow forumosans, to dinner last night.

One, a lifelong friend and mentor, lavished me with a plethora of teaching aids. A unexpected and most welcome kindness.

The other, a dear brother accompanied by his darling, magnificent (mere adjectives simply do not do her justice), wife, arrived with the gift of a surround-sound system for my DVD player. This is a couple who have endured severe trauma of late, who, despite all recent predicaments, displayed generosity and kindness that will not easily be forgotten.

My first lovely friend I have known virtually all of my adult life. The second, I met at my first Forumosa Happy Hour.
Both, I assured, were welcome to dinner and drinks without the need for reciprocation.

These are the type of friends that humble me and make me proud to be a member of this worthy community. :bow:

A lovely story JP.
Kindness and unexpected generosity can bring tears of joy sometimes.

Glad to hear you have folks that care about you. You seem like an exceptional chap. :thumbsup:
Now, how come I never got a dinner invite? :ponder:

My door is always open to you, dear Mr Ginger. That goes for you, too, Mr TC, and all of you wonderful people.

My door is always open to you, dear Mr Ginger. [/quote]

Cheers, mate. Though, it might be a long time afore I’m at your door.
Windsor Ontario is a long way from the bowels of Sanchung.
And why are you so happy today? Find a briefcase full of good morning?
Not very snarky, I must say…