Bi-lingual kindergarten in Tienmu or Beitou?

We might be moving up to Taipei soon and are looking for a good English-language or bi-lingual kindergarten. … We are looking at appartments in Tienmu or Beitou, so it should be in that region or not too far from there. We’d be grateful for any pointers! Thanks, Xpet.

I just went throughthis to send my daughter to a Kindergarten.

We saw a couple of Taiwanese Bi-lingual Kindergartens but at the end we decided in favor of the Taipei European School Kindergarten. They have a very big campus, small classes and although they are a Britisch Kindergarten, a lot of kids speak Chinese there, too.

Surprisingly, it is also not so much more expensive than the Taiwanese.
(But still cheaper than the TAS-Kindergarten)

Pfeffersack, thanks! I just sent you a PM with my e-mail, would be great if you could send us some more info on the places you looked at! Thanks, Xpet.