Bi-Racial kids

Hi everyone. I am new here, found this forum a few days ago. I was born in Taiwan, and relocated here with my family when I was 10 years old. I am currently living in the US and am living vicariously through you guys. I miss my extended family and the food. Ahhh. the food. Anyway, my question is do bi-racial children have a harder time socializing with the locals? Many years ago, my mother told me that bi-racial kids are not as acceptable in either circles. (I guess that was her way of trying to get me to marry a Taiwanese…well, it didn’t work.) I married a white guy and have a beautiful 9 month old daughter. I don’t think she will have problems socializing with other kids as interracial marriages are more common now. What do you all think? I would like to hear your opinions.

Not likely to have any problems.

Our 7 year old son has absolutely no problem playing with kids of any race. In fact he was recently seen at Carnegies doing water shots at the bar with a Taiwanese-Bosian kid and some local boys.

Yep, same here. :wink:

Our sons, 10 and 12 have absolutely no problems. They are maybe too popular for their own good…

Same here. Every time we visit the playground, almost immediately, an older girl will befriend her and run up and down the ladders, slides, swings, etc., holding hands and chatting away in Chinese with her.

As X3M says, if anything, the problem is too much attention. We just returned from a weekend in Chiayi where two different total strangers gitchy-gitchy-gooed her cheek with their fingers, causing her to recoil and hide. There have been several threads here discussing that – that biracial kids get cooed over too much by adults. But with other kids they seem to fit right in (at least at 3 yrs, our daughter’s age).

I think it also depends on your child. One of my children is very sensitive to the fact that she’s “different”. One of my other children, a boy, likes that he’s different because it makes him feel special. The language has a lot to do with it with my daughter; I didn’t start her on learning the language early enough and so she started ‘da ban’, kindergarten, at 5 y 8 m. Thankfully, it’s getting easier.

I concur that “mixed” kids get cooed over way more than others do. My kiddie is one. Simply adored by everyone, all the aunts, great aunts, you name it, including total strangers. We went to Neiwan recently during Chinese New Year & my daughter was gawped at with echoes of “hao ke-ai” & “piaoliang” from all & sundry.(Admittedly,she IS an exceptionally beautiful baby.)
So being accepted certainly is no problem. But perhaps TOO much might become a problem at some stage. So, no, you’ll likely have no negative attention.