Bicycle spares / tires etc

Hello. Anyone have any ideas on where to get bicyle parts without using one of the numerous small bike shops (which I’ve found to be a little pricey)?

I need two tires for a folding bike (19" wheel) as well as inner tubes, tire irons and a pump. Would prefer Internet shopping (tried Yahoo, no luck) or big retailer (don’t think Costco do bicyle tires?).

Any thoughts appreciated. I am in Tianmu.

I know Costco doesn’t sell bike tires.
Carrefour did sell some accessories, but I didn’t see any tires.

You could look at

I’ve found this place in Neihu called “100 Mountain” , but never been inside of it. Supposed to be near Costco Neihu

Thanks for the tips. Will check that place in Neihu. I asked in a little shop in Tianmu today and was quoted about NT$1800 for 2 x 20" tires with inner tubes and they’ll fit them as well. Not too bad I guess.

I can save you the trip to Neihu. I went 100 Mountain and no bike tires. They have two stores on the same street. One is mainly camping, the other is other outdoors. The “other outdoors” has some bike stuff (not much), but no bike tires. However, they do have a lot of outdoor stuff and camping stuff that I haven’t seen in other places. Also found some river running shoes. I will be back there to buy some. Also saw a kayak for sale.

look online, various shops at yahoo and ruten auctions sells cheap bike tires/tubes. For some reason those bike shops charge way more than they should.

Found a place with bike tires. Didn’t look at the price or exact sizes, but they did have various sizes.

Metro Oasis
1F, No 21, Zhongshan North Road Section 1, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

Close to Taipei Main Station, north of Shimin BLVD

There is a small shop at the end of Jilong Rd. (past Civic Blvd.) that has great prices for bike accessories. It’s a bit out of the way in terms of public transportation but if you’re on a bike its no problem. If you are on the bike path, exit near the Raohe Night Market and go down the road that follows the river.

Don’t expect great service. It’s small and crowded. No one really speaks English.