Bicycle Storage in Apartments

Hello, I’d like to know what the common rules are for storing bicycles in apartments. Is normal to store them in the apartment and bring them up/down the elevator, or is that something that is frowned upon? I live in an apartment on a high-level floor in Ximen if that gives any context.


Rules differ depending on the local management company. If you are in a managed building you can either ask the management agent or watch what other people do. Recommend the latter.

I cannot imagine a situation where you are not allowed to bring your bike up to your apartment. If you’re scared of theft, bring it up.

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When your bike costs more than your car, yes, it lives in the apartment. I never had any issues.

You may want to leave a rag downstairs somewhere so you can dry it off if it’s been rainy during your ride so you don’t leave dirty puddles in the elevator

It certainly seems normal to bring them up and down in the elevator. No one has ever looked at me askance for doing so, although once in a while I’ll take the next elevator due to crowding.

Storing in the hallways is more unclear. Usually hallways and stairs should be kept clear, but enforcement of this varies - unfortunately.

I think for many cyclists the biggest issue is the significant other! “What do you mean we can’t have my chandelier of prize bicycles as the centerpiece of our living room?!” “Wait, you want to shower in this bathroom? Can’t you use the second bathroom? The main one’s for my bike! We agreed on this! Or at least I told you!”


When your bike costs more than your scooter, yes, it goes in the apartment.

check out they sell a variety of bike storage racks. Taipei Bike Works also stocks them. foreigner friendly.

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My car costs more than my bicycle yet I think I treat the latter better. Although it’s hard to say…

The rules are set by the management company of the building.

They enforce it just pre fire safety check.

Then I wish my building had more frequent fire safety checks! I walk up the stairs reasonably often and some landings require more nimbleness than they should.

I know some complexes get regular safety checks, but they notify residents way beforehand because a majority of them are violating regulations by keeping things in the stairwells.

Unless it’s a wet market bike, I wouldn’t be keeping any kind of bike in the stairwell.

I’ve only seen it once in my building, just for a day or two. From the noise, I assume they were doing repairs or renovations and needed to clear things out.

It depends. If you’re living in an expensive apartment, there’s usually a separate freight elevator. A bike might demage the decorations in the regular elevator so most likely they’ll ask you to use the freight elevator.

The only way to know for sure is to ask the management.

Fixed that. Oh, and one for the maintenance staff, maids, foreign domestic caregivers … pets, cars.