Biden 2020 Gaffeman Express tpo the White (Privilege) House

Trump’s next debate opponent :wink:

Was that in English?



I remember people saying Trump didn’t actually want to be president.

Well I genuinely feel Biden does not want to be doing this.

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President Tum?! :woozy_face:

The Democrats, I swear. If they hadn’t gone off the deep end in 2016, if they hadn’t become addicted to identity politics, if they’d just ignored Trump’s personality and stuck to a strategy of engaging him only at the policy level they would probably be in the catbird seat today (imo).

They’d probably have been solidly behind somebody like Tulsi Gabbard, who would probably have real coattails down-ballot, and they’d probably have swept the GOP out of both the Legislative and Executive branches next year. They’d have pulled off electing a woman, and they’d also be sitting pretty for redistricting in 2021.

Now they’re stuck with two possible paths: get woke go broke or mumbly Joe Biden. Not promising.

If USA can’t get its act together then the politics of the whole planet could drift and shift away from democracy to ???

Any thoughts on post-USA hegemony in the 21st century?

Along with the rest of the world, the USA is working its way through a paroxysm of anti-globalism. I think Trump will be re-elected, but I think Democrats will come back - with a bullet, a big comeback - in 2024.

We are on a a road the USA has been down before, for example the rise of William Jennings Bryan courtesy of Denis Kearney and other late 19th-century populists. Of course Bryan was never elected President (he ran three times, though), but I think the pattern holds anyway.

If the pattern holds, and if Democrats continue to deny what’s happening, then I think that the odds are excellent for a very large, global war within the next decade or two (see the link in previous paragraph for why).

Right now, though, asking about post-USA hegemony in the 21st century is like asking about the ray that’s caught up in a tsunami. The real story is much larger: the tsunami of global populism, not the American ray.


And this…

I think she’d have had to get some of the social programs people on her side but, she’s the real deal.

I doubt it. War ain’t what it used to be. It’s very expensive and there are essentially no spoils to bring home. What would be the point? The only recent successful warmove was Russia taking over the Crimea…which the Globalist Obama just ya know…allowed. Before that it was Iraq jumping on Kuwait, and that ended not well.

It’ll be trade wars, capitulation or domestic unrest.

I liked the NF video, especially how he illustrates how the progressives got us into most wars.

I don’t see it (war) either, not from here. I wonder how things will look in the next decade, though.

Ferguson’s recipe for populism seems eerily prescient, though. He seems to be saying that progressives got the world up to war in 1914 as a reaction to threats from populism that had arisen at the beginning of the 20th century. I think progressives could easily make the same mistake in 2030 or so. They are ignoring the kind of historical trends Ferguson points out in favor of their revision of history.

For example. I first saw this video in September of 2016, before the election. I asked a handful of friends, Democrats all, for their reaction to it. Did they Ferguson was onto something? Every one of them refused to watch the video I linked to. They all insisted that Ferguson is a broken historian who should be ignored at best and run out of academia at worst (and Ferguson has since left Harvard and Oxford and now works for the Hoover Institution).

Try it for yourself.

The big mistake is getting all bent out of shape about the horrible things going on now and not learning and knowing and incorporating relevant history into one’s policies. I just watched that AOC immigration video in the other thread there, and she’s like, “I had to go ALL the way back to 2018 to find this memo…”

You cannot run a country and legislate via A-HA revelation.



Which is ironic as he pretty much dislikes Trump . I think many fail to realize, probably because of the ass that Trump can be at times, that he is quite the Democrat under the facade of that "Populist " rhetoric ( no cedilla on Chinese keyboards, sorry ) .

There are parts of history that repeat themselves , but advances in technology and the social landscape change the game somewhat .
The late 19th Century example of immigration , for instance , were based on different social norms that have been , more or less, eradicated. Trump has been a little mis-represented in his Border /Immigration policies imo, as he is not against it …but wants to restrict it .
The sad part is that toxic partisanship prevented a good deal to solve the DACA issue that exists …just for the adversity to a damned wall ( to try and stop the same issues in the future) …which the Dems could have pulled down in the future if they gained power .
One of the traits I do like about Trump, is his innate ability to cut to the chase with issues …instead of leaving them in abeyance for the next guys to fix.
Normally , we all resign ourselves to a new Leader making policy…good and bad , and argue and groan and try messing the process up ( eg judges) but the level of tomfoolery hindering Trump is unprecedented .
I fear that I see nobody else on the horizon , capable of changing the system in DC . Gone are the days of vocational Politicians :face_with_raised_eyebrow: