Big China Busts FedEx Pilot

Hohn was carrying “nonmetallic pellets used in low-power replica air guns,” leading Chinese authorities to allege he was illegally carrying ammunition, the Journal said.

So they pinched him for a bag of them blue plastic BBs.

But wait! It gets better!

More recently, Chinese authorities opened another investigation into the company for allegedly shipping a parcel of knives to Hong Kong.

As opposed to these fuckers, who will send anywhere in the world with Free Shipping

I do wish other countries would play these games with China . Sadly , I think they are too concerned about the dollars :pensive:

China produces 99% of the worlds anabolic hormone powder for none pharmaceutical use and pretty much all of the fentanyl. Both are perfectly legal to be produced without any checks as long as they ship it outside of China. I’d like to see some Chinese pilots get stoped on suspicion of smuggling.



Video of the pilot during his interrogation


I kept thinkin it was Tom Hanks’ buddy from Castaway…


He was dealing pellets to demonstrators to shoot police in the eye!

What ever happened to the boycott movement? Cellphones too important to piss off the overlords?