Big Fluffy Matthew is the Flying Spaghetti Monster

He came among us and he touched us with His Noodly Appendage.

I call upon all devotees of BFM/FSM to post their devotions in this thread. Even his signature walks among you like a pastafarian god amongst men.


its scary how much he looks like that in real life

I know, but what a pair of meatballs!! all hail…

Now, y’see, I suspect it’s not him. He always gets pissed off when I try and put cheese on his head.

The enormous testicles are correct but who’s been saying I touched them ? I’m outraged !!! It was supposed to be a secret.

See, and right now his post count has him at “almost a god.” It’s no coincidence, friends. All hail.

The Fluffy One is Due All Humble Apendages!
A Dangling Modifier, as it is…