Biggest Soccer Event in Taiwan: The 2011 AFC President's Cup Finals at KHH National Stadium 9/19-25

:bravo: Biggest Soccer event in Taiwan - The 2011 AFC President’s Cup Finals at Kaohsiung National Stadium
Free of Charge-Bring your drinks and having a party with your friends at the stadium The 2011 AFC President Cup Finals will be played at Kaohsiung National Stadium from September 19 to 25.The six countries soccer champion teams have qualified for the Final Stage. Neftchi (Kyrgyzstan champion team)Phnom Penh Crown FC (Cambodia champion team)Yadanarbon (Myanmar champion team)Istiklol (Tajikistan champion team)Taiwan Power Company (Taiwan champion team)FC Balkan (Turkmenistan champion team)
Free Tickets collection at Kaohsiung National Stadium before kickoff.
21 September 2011 16:00 FC BALKAN (TKM)-FC ISTIKLOL (TJK)
21 September 2011 19:00 YADANARBON (MYA)-PHNOM PENH CROWN FC (CAM)
23 September 2011 16:00 NEFTCHI KOCHKOR - ATA (KGZ)-YADANARBON (MYA)
23 September 2011 19:00 TAIWAN POWER COMPANY (TPE)-FC BALKAN (TKM)
25 September 2011 19:00 Winner Group B-Winner Group A

Wow, this sounds great. Can I get my tickets in advance, or only day-of? If so, what time can I pick up my tickets if I want 'em early?

I’ve been wanting to see something here for ages- this looks great. Thanks for the heads up!

Ticket Information:

  1.   Date: Free tickets are available From today until Sept. 14th, 2011
         Location: 7F., No.192, Ersheng 1st Rd., Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City
         Telephone: 07-7521032
         Open Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00
  2.   Free tickets are available at the gate of Kaohsiung National Stadium at 14:30 on the 19th, 21st, 23rd of September, and at 15:00 is the entering time. The final match on the 25th of September, ticket will be available at 17:30, and at 18:00 is entering time.

Has someone seen any of these games yet? I’m planning to head out there tomorrow to catch Cam-Burm. I took a look earlier today and saw that it was indeed set up for football.

That’s a good sign.

I saw Myanmar up against Cambodia and man was it a slaughter. Cambodia got 3 goals within the first half, one in the second. Myanmar couldn’t get their act together, but they had plenty of shots on goal. It was fun to check the stadium out and see that game, but damn was it quiet. At one point I cheered for Myanmar and I immediately had six or seven people swivel their heads at me as if it were a theatre. Oh well, that’s what happens when Kaohsiung puts ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLICITY OUT for this event. The announcer thanked the 422 people who came out to see the game.

Let me tell you 422 out of 55,000 is a little sad. I wish these talented players got the spectators they deserve! Get out there and see the last few games, people! AFC BYOB and food at a state of the art national stadium- you’d flip for an opportunity like this back home.