Bike lights

Is it possible to retrofit my bike with a small generator to power the lights, like those U Bike things?

I like bike lights and it improves safety by a huge margin but I hate changing batteries, either forgetting to change them or whatever…

So why doesn’t anyone sell bicycle lights that powers off of a generator? I asked around and no one has it. All they have are flash lights that clips to the handlebar.

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They do exist, but probably aren’t sold much in Taiwan as they’d be much more expensive. Look online.

Search for SP dynamo on and contact Charles at Intelligent Design Cycles {or just google that}.
Charles is absolutely first class to deal with {in English} and ships free in Taiwan as he is based here.
I put an SP dynamo hub from him in my Moulton and it is outstanding!
Never dealing with the hassle of batteries is awesome.
He also offers cheaper but very good Sanyo dynamos built into wheels for around $3000nt.

Any recommendation on bike lights? I have used the basic cateye ones for a while but they’ve fallen apart and want something a bit more sturdy, ideally with rechargable battery.

Have heard a lot of good about Exposure lights, but my car cost less than those lights did, but if they are worth it then perhaps it’s a good investment?

Weight is not an issue for me, I’m tempted to gaffa tape a car headlight to my headtube and call it good.

I guess this is the product you suggest?

Dynamo hubs are better because they aren’t as clunky and you don’t have the issue of slippage. They are pretty durable too.

The only problem with dynamo hub is they require professional installation. But rebuilding a wheel isn’t that hard, there are youtube videos about it. Ordering the right length of spokes could be a bit of trial and error however…

I bought Wuben B2 bike light off shopee and so far after 4 weeks it works well. 1300 lumens, but I normally just use it at the 1000 lumens level when descending.

It’s certainly not cheap, but what I like about it is that it has replaceable rechargeable batteries and I don’t have to bring 2 cheap’ish’ lights. With the Lezyne 500xl at max level it would not even last 1.5hrs.

I do wish it was not so heavy though.

I’ve been using a Magicshine (ALLTY 400) front light for a few months and so far so good. It’s well built and I really like the Garmin mount. Rechargeable (USB C) but not replaceable battery, which means that once the battery is really old, the light has to go to the bin. That’s a downside but there are not many lights with replaceable batteries. Hambini recently reviewed a Wuben B2 front light with replaceable battery.

Dynamo hubs have three disadvantages. Initial cost is higher, they have some drag and they weight more. Nevertheless, for many cycling styles, a dynamo hub can be the best solution.