Bike Rental in Yilan

This Saturday, I’m planning to head to Yilan and cycle up the coast road. Along past the Lanyang Museum. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bicycle hire place there, one preferably close to the train station? Quite a few show up on google, but any recommendations for price, good quality bikes, or maybe a decent hire shop that doesn’t appear on google would be nice.


I seen youbike outside of Taipei…

I’ve seen the ubikes in Ruifang, but the Youbike station list website doesn’t show Yilan. But then, neither does it show Ruifang, but I have used them there before.

Only been to Yilan once to the Lanyang Museum and didn’t see a youbike station near there.

There are no YouBikes in Yilan county.

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Depends on what kind of bike you are looking for, but most if not all Giant shops will have flat bar road bikes available for rent. The daily rate is all the same, no matter where you go.

If you are looking for something a bit more fun or just want to try something new you can talk to @ttwan , his shop has a few different options you can choose from.

If you’re worried about transport for the bike, charter bus and train all take bikes at a very minimal cost.

There’s no Youbike in Yilan as it has one of the rainiest districts in Taiwan and in the world. It wouldn’t quite make sense.

Your last choice would be to stay at a B&B that has some bikes for rent to their customers. Those are most likely good to ride around town, but probably not great for long distance.

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I am looking to rent it for the day in Yilan and just cycle around there, so I don’t need to lug it around the train with me.

Just a bog standard bike will be fine. Just interested in exploring up the coast a bit, and cycling is more fun, can get further and is less tiring than walking.

I didn’t know Giant did bicycle rentals. I see there is a Giant store near Yilan station, so I assume I can just nip in there and rent one for the day.

Best to give them a message or call to make sure they have some available or if they provide that service. It is the long weekend, so people may be booking in advance.

Good luck!

There are some bike rental shops around the Yilan train station 宜蘭車站 ,

Also this store 協發自行車 is closer to Toucheng train station 頭城車站

Also there are some hotels in yilan than offer free bike rental for their guests , like this one

However since is going to be a long holiday , maybe you should contact them in advance