Bikes on City Buses Taipei/New Taipei

I saw this bike carry sign on a regular local city bus.

" folding bicycle on the rack".

Is there any way to know in advance which buses allow bikes?

Or are there bike on bus guides somewhere?

Are folding bikes allowed on all buses or only bus with a rack?

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I don’t think there’s any regulation on bringing your “normal” sized bike on buses, but may depend on if the driver is willing to take you and if you are willing to be on a bus load of people. Getting off may be a huge hassle if it is full of people.

Basically, as long as the bicycles are properly stored are treated as normal luggage like for example the folding bikes then they can be allowed on the bus

However Taipei has some buses that have a bicycle rack mounted on the front of the bus like 小18路線公車 and 台北客運藍46路線



Also children’s bicycles are allowed on all buses that have a rack



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Years ago a buddy and I wanted to ride the Maokong off-road trail but were too lazy to ride our heavy mountain bikes up the mountain, so we decided to flag down a 530 bus at NCCU. The driver was unwilling at first but still let us on after some hesitation (the bus was practically empty). We had a blast blasting down the mountain. That was the only time I ever took a bike on to a Taipei bus.


Great. I’m going to start trying this.

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Taking the bus to the top of places and then riding the bike down is part of my plan.

It’d be nice if bikes were allowed on the Maokong gondola.

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…but climbing up the mtn is half the fun!

Yes, on a carbon fiber road bike, but it’s no fun on a heavy mountain bike, even if it’s got 27 speeds.

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