Bilingual School Information?

I have a friend who wants to come to Taiwan for a job but his company will not pay for his son’s school. He does not have the money to send his son to TAS so what are his options? I assume that the Taipei School System has bilingual schools for children that have just moved here without any knowledge of Chinese.

Any suggestions?

I think you probably assume incorrectly. Foreign residents can enroll their kids in public schools and Xinsheng Elementary School is designated as a bilingual school. It’s supposed to be one of Taipei’s best elementary schools and I’m sure that they will do their best but the age of the kids in question, their temperament, and the enormous differences in the educational system need to be considered.

Here’s a good post in a great thread full of information to get you started.

Can anyone recommend a good bilingual school in Taipei? I only know of one that is a part of Taipei Municipal Nangang Elementary School ( But they give first priority to children whose parents work for Academia Sinica (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this). What other bilingual school options are there? Also, are they really bilingual?