Bilingual schools in Taichung

Taichung seems to have small international community unlike Taipei or Hsinchu. Looking for bilingual schools near central science park. Already visited Wagor. Any other possibilities? Wagor looks “safe” but don’t know the student work load.

Try Wikipedia for a complete listing, but I think this expat expert answers a lot of good questions here on Taichung’s educational situation. … omment-119

There’s also Future Heir, but it’s in north Beitun closer to Morrison.

[quote=“TaiwaneseStomach”]Try Wikipedia for a complete listing, but I think this expat expert answers a lot of good questions here on Taichung’s educational situation. … omment-119[/quote]

great article. thanks for sharing

Does anybody have info about Wagor or Washington High School? Are they decent places to work? Any info would be apprecaited. Thanks.

I don’t much about those schools but a friend of mine teaches at American School in Taichung. It’s a private international school completely taught in English. I believe they are K-12, certainly middle and high school. They are located in the NE Dakeng area of Taichung. PM something I can forward to my friend if you want him to get in touch with you.

I am planning on making a move to Taiwan. My two teenagers only speak English. It looks to me like the only way to get my kids into an English school without having to pay very high private school fees is to be an English Teacher, at a school where they will let the kids in for free.

I am creating a list of prospective Bilingual schools. Do you have any experience with a bilingual school in Taichung? Good ones? Poor ones?

Are there any 100% English schools in the Taichung area?

I suggest WISE in Taichung.
It’s part of Wagor. They teach the US curriculum & no Chinese.
If you work there I’m pretty sure you’ll get 50% for your kids.
PM and of u want more info.

Try IBSC. It’s the bilingual section of NEHS, which is a government-run school for parents who work in the central science park. I think they follow an American curriculum. IBSC haven’t been able to enroll enough students, so this year they’re opening enrollment up to all foreign parents who live in Taichung and the surrounding area.

I don’t know if it’s actually a good school, but it’s run by the government so teaching quality should be high and fees should be reasonable.

am I misunderstanding that the poster is looking for a school where he can work as a teacher?

High school fee is about 60k NTD per semester.

I think @zoomiest it’s looking for a bilingual school for his kids.

60k is reasonable for a semester - just over 10k per month. That’s cheaper than most private kindergartens.

Will do!
Thank you for the tip.

I forgot to answer this.

The international schools in Taichung (Taichung American School, Morrisons Academy) are full English - but as you mentioned, they’re expensive at around 50k per month. These schools require the students to hold a foreign passport, but still most students are Taiwanese.

Then you have private bilingual schools - alot of these schools are just out to make money. Also most students will be Taiwanese.

Then there’s IBSC, which is a new option this year - from the promo video, it looks quite good for 10k per month:

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