Bin or Bing in bin(g)lang, betel nut?

Ah! But which came first? Penang is Bin Cheng 檳城 in Mandarin, or betel nut city. Possibly the Chinese gave it that name, no?


I was taught 檳as “bin” when I was in primary school.

Since the" three pigs" issue,I wont believe the MOE much,really. :unamused:

[quote]Feiren wrote:
But Taiwan’s Ministry of Education says it’s ‘bin’. … ng=%C2b%B7}&GraphicWord=yes

This is the Guoyu standard.

Actually, Taiwan’s MOE says it is both: … tring=%C2b[/quote]

[quote=“Kobo-Daishi”]Dear all,

According to the R.O.C’s Ministry of Education’s (中華民國教育部) Dictionary of Character Variants (異體字字典) there are two more variants:



I view these two variants as stylistic variants of 檳 rather than drastically different way of writing the same character. So if you only know 檳, the two variants above probably wouldn’t give you pause in a sentence while 槟 or 梹 will most likely do so.

Makes sense to me.