Binlang Xishi (Betelnut Beauties)

About four years ago a phtography did an exhibition on Binlang Xishi. Fool that I was, I missed it, but saw a few of the pictures in the paper. I thought there was going to be a book, but I never found it.


There are some articles about this Austrian gentleman in the papers today. See the links below.

Austrian artist explores island’s unique ‘betel nut beauty’ cultureTaiwan News
Betel nut beauties intrigue AustrianTaipei Times

I like that picture of the two betel-nut beauties in the Taipei Times. They’re somewhat more scantily clad than the ones in Hsintien.

BTW, any opinions about the hyphenation or otherwise of betel-nut? the Oxford Dictionary has it with the hyphen, while American Heritage has it as betel nut or betelnut. … 923s1.html

On September 15, Taoyuan County Deputy Magistrate Liao Cheng-ching announced a “three no’s” policy prohibiting the women from exposing their breasts, bellies or buttocks while working. The policy was to take effect October 15.

On Thursday, however, Taoyuan County Magistrate Chu Li-lun relaxed the policy to “two no’s” by permitting the exposure of bellies. [I’m a buttock man myself, but hey, each to his own]

But Liao says the practice is a national embarrassment.
“It’s a disgrace to Taiwan,” he said. “Lots of foreign friends of mine told me that they would like to check out what betel-nut beauties look like when they came to visit. It’s embarrassing that there are so many betel-nut stands along the roads carrying foreign visitors from Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taoyuan County to Taipei City.”

Yeah loads of them set up on the side of the motorway. Spoiling all that lovely scenery with their hideous ugly bodies. Just one word for Mr Liao: “closet”.

Good to see, nevertheless, that Mr Liao is so worried about what foreigners think of Taiwan. Of course he is a lone voice in the wilderness. Perhaps, however, the Tourism Bureau should take note. After the Taiwanese economy has finished its lock-stock-and-barrel migration to China, these Bin Lang Say Shee will become Taiwan’s saviours. I live in hope. They should be given medals, not clothes.

The last two dozen or so times I went along the road between these locations there wasn’t a single betel but stand or binlang xishi in sight. Funny that, being a freeway. There is one stand along the way, though

Thank grud my insomnia has been curedzzzzZZZZZZZZ…

Now I’m puzzled. Where does midwifery fit in with betel nut beauties?? Are the authorities thinking of curbing the midfiwery profession? Good heavens I need a drink, I think. Taiwan she is loco :sunglasses:

Is that why the health insurance is so cheap, but also so bad? :s

What are the

prettiest one?
the one without no clothes

ugliest one?
250 kgs of fat

most amazing one?
wearing a bridal dress

smartest one?
doing wholesale of betelnuts

any others?

the most generous ones?
free extra services with every purchase

然而,網路上關於檳榔西施影像效果,最具反省性的應該是Kiko Wu所造訪的那個檳榔西施。

香港出生的美國華裔女子Kiko Wu(吳琪珂)

I got no argument with that.

Here’s her website (bloody blocked by farking web (no)sense).


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]然而,網路上關於檳榔西施影像效果,最具反省性的應該是Kiko Wu所造訪的那個檳榔西施。

香港出生的美國華裔女子Kiko Wu(吳琪珂)

I got no argument with that.

Here’s her website (bloody blocked by farking web (no)sense).


Kiko rocks!

Her work at the Warner Village was much more inspired than the betelnut stuff. :sunglasses:

Just to keep it fair for the non-chinese readers among us, 檳榔西施 is binlang Xishi (betel nut beauty). A Google image search of which turns up an interesting sociological phenomenon.



My “loacal friend” found some great betelnut beauty photos on the PChome BBS. Check here. Share the wealth.

I’m a sexist maggot intrigued with the absurd so I’m bumping this.

Oh yeah, bin lang, it’s bad for the teeth.

But promoted marvelously.


Media reports say the director Tsai Ming-liang, who made the semi-porno WAYWARD CLOUD about watermelons and AV actresses, has written his new screenplay about Betel Nut girls and the movie is filming now in south Taiwan. Should be in theaters by next summer, in full XXX glory, if Tsai keeps his momentum going…


Thanks for that Cola.



That was pure art… :slight_smile: