Bird flu

I was just wondering how you are coping in Taiwan and Asia with the bird flu (in the live markets etc).

Here, in Europe there is so much talk about this like we are going to live another pest.

Many healthy chicken and turkeys are being destroyed just like a disposable object as a “preventive measure”. I really think human beings have gone :loco:

Thinking I should kill myself soon, between the next world war and this not much hope. Only joking.

As far as I can make out avian influenza is going to cross to humans sooner or later, and all this slaughtering of birds is just a delaying tactic.

Maybe it will cross. Maybe not.

There are more deads of mosquitoes bites at the moment (chikungunya disease on Reunion island for ex)

If bird flu crosses to human beings, it will probably first crosses in poor countries of Africa again.