Birthday gift

I told my bf TWICE what I want for my birthday, and he keeps forgetting.
Last night I asked him whether he order that thing I want (it’s a T-shirt with special characters) and he didn’t even know what I asked for!!
Should I totally forget about this man- cuz he didn’t give a sh*t on what I was saying, twice. :aiyo:

My bf and and I have never bought eachother presents.

It’s not a gift, if you ask for it, is it?

I say dump him. What sort of man doesn’t buy you things?

Get rid of him and find a real man who will buy you things.

You told him TWICE! :no-no:

He had his chance. :hand:

He doesn’t deserve you.

Buttercup says, “It’s not a gift, if you ask for it, is it?” :doh:
Zender says, “YES, IT IS!”

Did you people never drop a hint to Santy Claus? I mean, if you are happy to get socks for Christmas, it doesn’t matter . . .

But if you’re hopin’ for a Customized Volkswagon Drag Bus Hot Wheel Car, you better tell your Mom, I mean Santa, Just What You Want.

You need a man who will buy you what you want, and walk five paces behind you carrying your purse in one hand and your puny dog in the other. The only present a man needs to give a woman is the sausage. The rest is just materialistic swill.

The sausage? :laughing: Why is it that when you’re lowbrow, it’s so fucking funny?

To the OP. Tell him the sleep on the couch for a few days. That’ll get you the T-shirt.

Dump him! Whatever he may have done, I don’t think he deserves YOU.

You need to analyze the whole picture.

Is this an isolated event or does it happen frequently (that he does not pay attention to details)?

Keep in mind he might be having a bad day.

yep agreed - you’ll be doing this guy a favour to toss this loser

now that youre native, go and hang out at the mall screaming “zhende keai” in a squeaking teenage voice and Im sure the guys will be queuing up at your door for twice as far as his

Sadly, there are men in this wicked world who will forget all their sweet promises after they’ve had their way with a woman. You have to protect yourself from such rascals.

Next time, demand the tee-shirt before offering your honor. Or better yet, a designer purse–men won’t respect you if you set the price too low.

“Dump him” “Lose him” “He’s not good enough for you” “You’d be better off without him”

So what should I do with my wife then? On my birthday she says “QUICK! Give me 3,000 quai!”
On my friend’s birthday she says “Happy birthday! Make my son a present!”

Maybe he’s got a surprise up his sleeve! Wait and see.

It all depends if this is an isolated incident. Dump his ass if this isn’t the first time.