Birthday present from Germany

hello, i’m from germany and i have a very good penfriend from taiwan. her birthday is coming soon, and i want to send her a little birthday present. but i don’t have any idea, what i could send her. is there anything from germany taiwanese people would love to get? :wink: and are there any mistakes i could do with my present? i know, there are many cultural rules in China and Taiwan and i don’t want to defame her or her family…
i hope you can help me, have a very nice day,

I found that Taiwanese are very happy about chocolate from Germany. Buy some higher quality stuff (not Milka, not Ritter Sport), they will love it.
I usually buy Mozartkugeln and some Lindt-boxes of pralines, which are things you don’t get in Taiwan so easily and when you do it costs a small fortune.

Aiyoo…common…Lindt is from Switzerland and Mozartkugeln from Austria. There is no such thing as good chocolate from Germany :wink:
Buy the way, you can buy both Lindt and Mozartkugeln here in Taiwan and shipping them during summer is not a good idea anyways.

I rarely eat chocolate, but Hachez is making excellent chocolate in Bremen (Germany).:wink:

I wanted to suggest yoyo should send her friend some small item from Swarovski, but I just found out this is an Austrian company, too.

You could give us a type-209 submarine…errr…make that eight for xmas would be nice :slight_smile:

how about a glockenspiel? everyone loves a giant glockenspiel in their home foyer.

but seriously, how about:
some nice handmade crafts and toys like a traditionally clad German doll or a Hummel figurine, a music box that plays edelweiss or something, pewter beer steins, German cap with feather, or heritage lace,

or German stamps,

or a nice fotobook about Germany’s different climates and mountains and the beautiful Saar heartland.

Actually, how old is this penfriend of yours?


  • home made Marmelade
  • natural cosmetics (Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, etc. ), Bade

[quote]- natural cosmetics (Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, etc. ), Bade

[quote=“mesheel”]Aiyoo…common…Lindt is from Switzerland and Mozartkugeln from Austria. There is no such thing as good chocolate from Germany :wink:

Hey, do you think any Taiwanese knows that Lindt is from Switzerland and not Germany? My first penpal from Taiwan sent me a package full of food, most of it was from Japan, and I was very happy about that.

Let me put it like this: “no matter if it is German chocolate or swiss chocolate - if it is yummy, then it is good chocolate”

Mozartkugeln come from a German speaking country, so they might as well be German chocolate. Plus, one time I was to Salzburg, the home of the Mozartkugel, and frankly I was disappointed. The Mozartkugeln in Germany were way yummier.

You’re obviously not European…

Perhaps t.ukyo is a closet EU evangelist :laughing:

Oh, haven’t thought of that, but yeah, that’s another option… :bravo: