Bitan retriver adopted

Can someone help me? We got a call earlier tonight from the wife of Athula the roti man about an “abandoned” golden retriever down at Bitan. We went down there and saw her – a gorgeous, very gentle, young, beautifully mannered and well-kept bitch on heat. They’d already bathed her and taken her for an exam. Healthy, no chip.
I had called my neighbour – a lovely Colombian woman who had earlier expressed an interest in adopting “a big dog” – and she came with us, saw the dog, and immediately decided on the spot to take her in.
I’ve already warned her that I really don’t believe the dog has been abandoned but has probably run off.
What’s the deal in this situation? She wants to spay her ASAP and get her chipped. Is this the right move, or should we wait? The local BBQ bloke has already been keeping her for two or three days and no-one has come looking for her.

I say if the Colombian woman offers a good home, go with it. Chip and de-sex the dog, which seeing the overpopulation of cats and dogs ought to be done anyway.

You know and I know that the chances of an owner having sincerely lost this dog are small. And even if so, if this owner hasn’t looked in the area the dog is in now, then he/she didn’t lose her there and the chances of the twin ever to meet again are small.

No need even to talk about less than responsible pet ownership (in Taiwan) by not having the dog neutered and chipped. But then I just did! :blush:

We have always postered found cats and dogs in the area we found them in, if they looked like they had not been on the street for very long. With no result ever.

Thanks onrust. You confirmed my feelings. We postered the area when we found Baloo last year and got no response, either. In any case, the Colombian lady lives right next door, so it will be easy enough for us to monitor, or at least stay in touch. Thanks again.

I’d spay and chip her. If someone shows up claiming it’s theirs, ask them for proof (most people have some photos with their pets in them) plus reimbursement for the spaying and chipping, and a written indemnity against damages for the latter procedures. Otherwise they don’t get the dog back.

I think the adoptee lady might read this. Can someone please try to help me calm her. She’s very concerned that her cat’s not getting used to the dog in her territory and is hiding under the couch, neither eating nor shitting. It’s only been 24 hours, and I told her it could take several days for the cat to get used to the idea.
However, her fucking vet has apparently told her that some cats NEVER get used to a new dog, so now she’s freaking out about her “baby.”
Personally I’ve never ever heard of a cat that won’t eventually get used to a dog and all I could suggest was to PLEASE give it some more time.
Any better suggestions? She lives in a studio, so she can’t separate them, and she doesn’t want the cat to spend the rest of its life under the couch.

LOL. See the wolves in my avatar? We got the mother after we already had a cat. The mother wolf bathes the cat. She pins it to the ground with one paw, licks it all over, then lets it go. The cat just accepts it. When the wolf is done, the cat gets up, bathes himself, and goes back to laying in the sun.

The younger wolf used to try to do the same thing. ha! The cat scratched it’s nose once, and the younger one gave up. That was it.

The mother wolf is the boss.
Then the cat.
Then the younger wolf.

Right now the retriever is in heat. She’s Very energetic, and a little wild. Once she gets over that, she’ll settle down. The cat and the dog will learn that they’re both being fed by the same person and learn to live with each other.

That’s exactly what our dog does to our cat too.
But this new retriever is very docile and apparently pays no attention to the cat. It’s just the cat that’s bothered.

The cat will be fine. Just give it some extra attention and treats. It’ll probably take a day or two for the cat to get back to it’s schedule.
One of my cats took that long. The others were never bothered a bit.
I have 3 cats and 3 dogs in one house. They all get along fine.

It will just take time. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to being bathed by wolves…probably the same for the cat & dog here.

Gracias Seňora…tiempo del tiempo solamenté…relajarté y Gracias por tu amabilidad.

It WILL be fine. We have 5 cats and 6 dogs in da house… Even Jopie the cat, who is even terrified of soap bubbling from the sink (I swear!), or one of us wearing new shoes, got used to the dogs in a matter of days.

Worst case scenario, you let the dog sleep in a cage at night. I KNOW that not everyone is for cages, but it’s better than putting the dog back on the street if that’s the only other alternative and I did say AT NIGHT only. The cat will learn taht the coast is clear at night, and will go closer and closer to the caged animal, getting used to its smell and its presence until she’ll come out when the dog’s roaming around free in the daytime as well.

Our cats never liked Gustav. They tolerated him at best, but they never liked him. They were a little psycho, though.

The cat doesn’t have to “like.” Tolerate is fine, I think.

my elder brothers had a cat that was bathed by a wolf. It hated it at first, but then it grew up and founded Rome. The brothers themselves had nothing to do with the damn wolf, though: that part of the story has got a bit corrupted over time.