Bitan Taiwan Beer Festival 06/16

I’ve seen the signs advertising this on my way home but can’t find any info either by searching ro on the Taiwan beer website.

Does anyone have any details?

I can’t find any link related to it either, but I have read news story about it.

Brief translation.

2007 Dragon Boat Champion in Taipei Country will take place in Bitan on 16 & 17 June.
And Two festivals will be held in the two weekends before it.
The first one is Taiwanese Love Songs Contest. The second one is Beer Festival.

I went to the Taiwanese Love Songs Contest. (I take a walk along the riverbank regularly)

Some people really sang well. There were some stands selling Taiwan beer.

BTW, you can go to see the Muddy Basin Ramblers on June 16.

Where? (Sorry…ignorant of Taipei areas)

You can take MRT green line to Xindan Station, and you can find the bridge easily.

They had some kind of thing on at Bitan a few weeks ago to celebrate Chengchi Uni’s 80th anniversary or somesuch thing. They were selling draft weissbier made by the TTLC. It was pretty tasty. I hope they have it on the 16th.

My god but Sandman’s so crap at publicity! :laughing:


I found a link to this yesterday, but forumosa wasn’t working then and now i’ve lost the link again :fume:

Anyway it said there would be draft taiwan beers (i’m hoping that will include the draft weissbier sandman was on about), dancing shows, bands, martial arts shows and a magic show!

let’s just hope this rain stops

So Sandusss… Is this shindig gonna go on or not? I’m thinking of oiling my knees with WD40 in preparation

As far as I know, it’s still on. We’re talking about doing our busking thing at Athula’s at around 7pm. We’re also talking about hiring one of the bigger boats and sailing up and down playing as we go, but we haven’t researched the feasibility of this. It would be pretty cool though.

It was fun.

Jumping on stage to take part in Taiwan Beer Contest.
Got free beer!
Singing and swinging with the Muddy Basin Ramblers on street.
Got free beer!

Please give me more Taiwan Beer Festival and the exellect Muddy Basin Ramblers.