Bitcoin, something worth investing in?

Hey everyone. Been looking into investing in Bitcoin recently. I wish I would have done so early in the year as it’s gone up 10 fold since. What’s everyone take on crypto-currency? Do you think Ethereum and Litecoin worth investing in as well?

How much higher do you think it might go? Any risks you can see?

Too late. It’s a would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.

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Its not too late theres lots of greed and desperation to ring out of cryotocurrencies. I’ve been watching iota and it’s just starting to go crazy. When a coin goes up it just attracts more attention , more people want in, more attention gained…Its just madness theres no reason at all iota suddenly went crazy beyond people looking to speculate the price up.

Yesterday I wanted to buy some iota and it’s still a bit painful to do as can’t use credit card yet. The easiest way is to buy bitcoin and transfer it into iota.

Wait when you can use a credit card to buy iota directly …I’m pretty sure the big run up recently is due to people buying bitcoin on credit cards .

I looked into multiple iota forums and there was no logic at all to the run up, just people asking how can I buy iota cos it sounds cool related to something called the tangle that none of them can explain :slight_smile:

The only reason I want to buy iota is I think it is a good gamble because it hasn’t gone completely parabolic YET.

Between yesterday and today iota went up almost 50 per cent.
People are afraid of missing out like with bitcoin.

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Or else maybe you just need to pay for some guns or sex slaves, or get those Russians to decrypt your files back.

Me, I put all my money in tulips.

I actually put money into bitcoin during my college years to get stuff on the black market on the dark web. I wished I saved more of it, but i’m still holding on to some…and i’m going to keep holding on to it, I think it will keep soaring. But who knows, it was only a couple hundred dollars before and now I have technically thousands.

Buy but if have to ask on a forum…you probably don’t have enough knowledge to make this kind of investment. Put it towards mutual funds and bonds for if you really want to invest and have someone manage it. Although to be fair, even the most season investors predictions are probably not much better than your own so theres that. But the difference is some people have the money to play with, others are risking a lot in something they don’t fully understand and be screwed financially.

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When did you buy?

I think sometime in 2012. It was like 14$ lol. Should have went all in haha.

A few hundred bought then is going to be considerably more than a few thousand now. Surely retirement beckons?

Like I said, I used most of it. It was more of a means to buy stuff on the black market and not so much an investment. But hey, if it keeps soaring maybe you’re right.

I didn’t buy any IOTA yet.
It’s going up at about 50 % a day.
Today it’s up 75 % as the news of fantastic returns spreads.

It would have been last year. I left $20 in an account, and before I transferred it, it was worth $124. But there are problems with the infrastructure and the mostly Chinese mining server operators are hesitant to change. It’s splitting into possibly incompatible forks. But all this was before the exchange rate spikes, so investors must think it’s stable
enough. Still, I think that alternatives with better technology like Etherium would be a better investment.

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I know a guy back home, dumped his life savings into bitcoin in 2013, I think around 500 coins, then the price went down steeply and he got scared, sold 300 and kept 200. Still rich AF now but could of had way more money. Still works his day job though as a programmer.

Worldwide there has never been a bigger speculative mania in history.

This week I met people from US and Europe they all were saying bitcoin will continue to explode and buying in and telling me their ‘their trading strategies’ and vice versa.

Well the ceiling for bitcoin is 21million coins and its currently at 16.8 million, other coins have more I think LiteCoin has a ceiling of 84million.

When bitcoin his 21million it’ll be worth A LOT. Good idea to invest now. People think “oh I should of invested in 2013 or 2011” but this could be the same situation, “wish I invested at the end of 2017” when its 2020 or 2025.

I wish I was smart enough to think of it as an investment. But honest I was just a 20 year old toking weed and pop some MDMA for raves. Kinda accidentally stumbled upon it lol. I eventually grew out of it and it happened that I saved some from that time of my life.

But I think people are looking at bitcoins now because the stocks are harder to make money off of. My dad and I used to invest in stocks and make money off the markets. He was literally making 6 figures USD a month at certain points like 2013? He doesn’t even touch stocks that much anymore.

Didn’t lots of bitcoins get stolen this or last week?

That is why you buy a hardware wallet, no one can steal them then.

fast forward one year later.
today it’s down 11% to near $3420.

Yeah it’s further misery or a good deal depending on your viewpoint.
I loaded up on some ETH and IOTA. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t drop further of course.
IOTA is kind of an amazing price to me but I am not impartial and a poor forecaster this year.

It just keeps dropping damn

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