BJJ Black Belt Training Until the End of May

Stop in any time with questions.

Free Demo/Seminar Saturday, April 7th [Click here for details]

Hello everybody,

I had my first classes with Pedro yesterday (April 2nd) and they are GOOD! When teaching, he goes over every little detail and makes sure you understand everything. I and anyone who participates in these classes will learn TONS over the next 2 months.

The Schedule

“Beginner” Classes - Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7PM-8PM

Why is beginner in quotation marks? I’ll tell you why. Pedro will spend this first hour going over basic techniques. I’m confident that EVERYONE will benefit from reviewing the basics with Pedro. How can I be so sure? Because yesterday not only was my memory refreshed on basic armbar techniques, I also learned things about the armbar that I had never learned before. Things that INSTANTLY increased my game.

If you can make it to these classes. Get there. If you’re going to be a little late, that’s OK, get there when you can.

“Intermediate” Classes - Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8PM-9:30PM

Why is intermediate in quotation marks? For pretty much the same reason beginner is. Beginners are welcome to stay later and join the intermediate classes. I watched 3 beginners enjoy the intermediate class last night. The moves will be a little more complicated but, Pedro does a really good job explaining the moves and there will be other people in class (like myself) who can help answer questions along with Pedro.

Edit: Oh, and we do a “nice” ab work out during this class. I’m sure you’ll love to hate it :slight_smile:.

Mixed Classes (All Levels) - Monday/Wednesday 10AM-12PM | Saturday 11:30AM-1PM

I suppose you could say that all the classes are mixed classes. The difference with these classes is that they should be run in a way so everyone that participates in them will feel comfortable. I haven’t been to one yet, but my faith in Pedro’s ability as a teacher tells me they’re going to be good :smiley:

Open Mat - Sunday 1PM-4PM

During this time you can come in and practice things you’ve learned during the week. If sure you’ll have plenty of material to cover.


Adults - 6,000NT for the 2 months or 4,000NT for 1 month
Kids - 1,500NT/month (we have 2 kids that attend the beginner classes now)
Gis - [TBA - I have to check the prices]
Registration Fee - 1,500NT

If money is tight (6,000 class fee + 1,500 registration + about 2,500 Gi = a lot of money to come up with at one time :P) but you really want to take advantage of this opportunity, just contact me and I’m sure we can work something out. Splitting up the payments (3,000/month is OK with me if you’re coming both months), barter (can you teach Chinese or something?) or some other creative payment might work to reduce the price. I really want to see people there having a good time and improving.

Free Class

If all this BJJ stuff is new to you, feel free to pop in to watch or even join the class (wear some comfortable clothes.) I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have. You can call ahead of time (0988.286.820) or just drop in and ask for Casey.


If you’re a member of this forum, feel free to post any questions or comments (like comments on how PIMP the instruction is.) You can also call me (Casey | 0988.286.820) or send an email to (remove THETRIANGLE before sending.)

Hope I see you there! - Casey


Jilong Rd. Sec 1, No. 125 2F

MK, I’m your man! I’m generally available in the mornings and sometimes in the early afternoons. I’ll be back in Taiwan on Monday - I’ll be in touch!

Sounds good. I have a lot of flexibility for scheduling the morning classes, so I’ll want to know when people are generally available.

OK folks. Pedro (the black belt) lands April 1st and he’ll start teaching regular classes that week.

The fee for the regular classes while Pedro is in town is 3,000NT/month, but I’m going to collect 2 months up front (so 6,000NT.) If you need a Gi, that’s about 1,500NT (you can pick one up anywhere, or I can help you get one, any standard Judo Gi will do.)

I rolled with Pedro this past weekend in Thailand and he choked me out twice. Then I hung out with him after the competition for a bit. He’s a really cool dude, this is going to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to have Pedro do a free demo/seminar on Saturday, April 7th. That will be perfect time to see what BJJ is all about and ask any questions.

I’d also be happy to roll with him again and display how fast he can choke me out. :smiley:

Count me in for the demo. :slight_smile:

I love it when BJJ black belts come over to teach! :laughing:

(seriously in for the demo)

Bring a Gi if you like. I’m not exactly sure how the demo will go, but if people wanted to try some techniques or roll around a bit, I’m sure he’d be game.

A little birdie told me that Scmall is getting here on April 2!

Miltownkid, do you concur?

[quote=“Sinister Tiddlywinks”]A little birdie told me that Scmall is getting here on April 2!

Miltownkid, do you concur?[/quote]
I concur.

I updated the info above. Classes started yesterday and they are SWEET! I highly recommend dropping by one day to see what classes are like. Just ask for Casey/miltownkid and I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about classes or the sport. Bring some comfortable clothes and you can even try a class and see if it fits you (I recommend getting to the beginner class from 7-8PM if you can make it.)

Don’t worry about coming late. Drop in anytime.