Black Eyed Peas coming to Taipei!

I just saw an ad on TV saying that they are coming to Taiwan?

Anyone know about it?

I am wondering a few things?

How do I get the best tickets?

Where do I go to get those tickets?

How much are they?

It’s rare that bands of their popularity/caliber/whom I love come to Taiwan.

I saw the Beastie Boys here years ago during their Tibetan Freedom Concert. They weren’t very happy about being here from some of their comments. And Adam Yaunch was sick. They were also pissed off that so many people were moshing.

Mike D told everyone "Please stop moshing. That is so 80’s/Early 90’s. And someone was (killed or hurt very bad I can’t remember which he said) at one of our concerts in the past. Then they continued the show. People kept up the moshing and Adam Yaunch stopped the music and told everyone that if they don’t stop moshing that they would leave. I think they also said something about their accomodation and how they were treated while being here.

Was anyone there?

Anyways. I love this band. Great music. Great lyrics. Great style. And Fergie is easy on the eyses as well

Ah, they played at my university during my senior year before they were so popular. It’d be nice to see them again, but I doubt the tickets will be as cheap as they were back then.

Just is case you missed yesterday’s China Post:

Black Eyed Peas performs on July 25 from 7:30pm at the Chungshan Soccer Stadium
Tickets only at ERA ticket outlets (Sale available from 10am on June 3) Hey that’s TODAY!

Gotta go!

Era Ticket: (02) 2341-9898
Or log on to

What’s the price range?

Not sure… but I’d happily give up a leg for some of that sweat whippin off that fine ass of hers. :howyoudoin:

ewww! Sweat’s gross. :sick:

Mmmmmmmmm…Fergie sweat :homer: … .shtml#bep

I was at Luxy a couple weeks ago and they showed me the flyer. I’m only up for the afterparty. They don’t pay me enough to go to concerts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go… according to her publicist, that is a sweat stain…

Yeah, right.

Enjoy the show, y’all.

Here you go… according to her publicist, that is a sweat stain…

Yeah, right.

Enjoy the show, y’all.[/quote]

ImaniOU… they ain’t called Black Eyed “Pees” for nothin… besides, a lil bit o’ love juice to spice up the show never hurt anyone aight?

Really though… Sweat? Naaaaaahhh…

…poor thing.

Anyone going?
I’m on the way now.

Just came back.

They were awesome!!!

Too tired to post more now.


Yep it was definitely fun.
Most people that I was with came away saying it was the best hip-hop show that they’d ever seen.