Black Friday going Global

Black Friday going to South Africa

Brazil and Greece

Maybe next year, Taiwan can learn to do Black Friday right!

This runs counter to all the news stories I’ve read about Black Friday dying nowadays. Everyone shops online. Why bother with fighting through insane, violent mobs?


What is it that they want so bad? I saw TVs being fought over in one…

I normally buy online, but some deals can only be found in stores. This year I bought high end clothes for 50% off, a deal that the store I bought from only does once every three years. I have no idea what other people are looking for but usually thrifty shoppers will research deals before heading out.

Apparently sales on Nutella are France’s version of Black Friday.

Why is Black Friday suddenly a thing worldwide? Like Halloween started being a thing worldwide.

Capitalism :money_mouth_face:


Pushback in the States?

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Anyone buy the 65" OLED at Costco?