Black Licorice

Is it possible to find black licorice in Taiwan. And why don’t they sell red licorice or black licorice in candy stores?

black licorice is like the Grateful Dead… not many people like it… but the people who do like it, really really like it :laughing:

Isn’t there a candy store over at the underground MRT station at the TPE Main Station… under the Hilton or somewhere? They might have some???

the tienmu grocery oughta have some. i’ll stop in and check tomorrow.

Tianmu grocery definately has it. I bought some twisty black myself last time I was out that way.


Thanks, it was Twisty (Twizzler?) that I was looking for. I was describing my friend a long, red, chewy, taste like rubber kind of candies and they could’nt figure out what it is…

Do they have Sour Punch here? or even Fruit by the foot?! haha

Oh, not that sweet stuff from America :?

What I’d give from a bag of “Darrel Lea” licorice… just the thought of it induces drooling… :wink:

I love black licorice, in particular the one from the Netherlands or “Salmiaki” from Finland.
When I came back from my holiday in July I offered some German licorice (not that strong) to my co-workers - all of them spit it out faster than I could ask if they like it. :smiley:

Guess that’s one of the few things Chinese/Taiwanese don’t eat / like …

Netherlands licorice candy is hard and salty, isn’t it Rascal? I remember trying some once and being very surprised.

Actually, I remember buying it somewhere in Taipei… oh, my fading memory.

Now I remember - it was a Dutch friend in Taipei who gave me the licorice…

Dutch liquorice is called drop (pronounced droop) and is incredibly salty. Is the German stuff similar?

I had red liquorice once, I guess you have to grow up with it.


ahhh, sounds good. didn’t know there was hard red licorice so i figured those twisty things, hey what do you want from me. :slight_smile:

some higher-end supermarkets could be good places to check, breeze center has a bit of imported european stuff.

Yes, Breeze Ctr’s supermarket is awasome!! They have tons of sodas, food, snacks, candies…etc, I though I was in HEAVEN!! Well, almost!

Yep, it’s hard and salty and German licorice is similar (but not as strong), though they both have soft and sweet one.

The biggest selection I have seen however was in Finland, they have so many candy shops (where you take a plastic bag and fill it yourself) and their selection of licorice is overwhelming. Salmiaki is also very strong (hard and salty).

Oh no, now you are tempting me … :slight_smile:

Alleycat, that’s unfair!!! I’m in the office, no way to race home now and check if I still have anything left from the last Germany vacation :frowning:

:imp: :imp: :imp:

Oh well, Rascal, I’m sorry, I’m not sure the bag of licorice snails that I’ve been meaning to give to you will survive this evening :?


oops, double post

Did you get those babies in Taipei Alleycat? I’d love to get my hands on some. Anyone know if the Breeze has licorice (the sweet kind, not that obnoxious European salty stuff). BTW red licorice isn’t actually licorice is it?