Blackberry question (B. Obama need not reply)

Dear tech stars,

I’m thinking of getting a blackberry and would very much appreciate thoughts and comments on usage in Taiwan and which teleco provider has the best service package.

I would want to use the phone for checking emails, sending text messages. Speed would be important. I would primarily input in English. Being able to input in Chinese would also be nice.

Taiwan Da Ge Da charges a fortune for intl calls. Are there better/cheaper teleco providers for blackberry?

Any complaints re blackberry coverage or service charges?

Any rave reviews out there re blackberry, or service providers?

Many thanks!


Taiwan Da Ge Da is the only company that offers blackberry service in Taiwan. I never noticed any coverage problems traveling almost all over the island. If you haven’t picked up a device yet the Bold is their flagship device and is amazing.

Agree with the Bold. Work upgraded me recently and the Bold is a much nicer set of handcuffs than the old model.


BB Bold user here. As far as I know, Taiwan Mobile is the only BB provider – I’ve been spending an average of NT$2000 a month, half of that is on calls and other half on 3G internet.

Blackberry phones have Chinese but one thing I don’t like: the lack of Hanyu Pinyin input for traditional characters, which I prefer over bopomofo

Many thanks for the helpful advice. I’ll check out the blackberry’s.

Perhaps Taiwan Da Ge Da will now offer cheaper prices, now that the low-cost king China mobile is practically coming to town.

Thanks! :bow: