Blackberry Service on non-3G device (GPRS)

Anyone here suscribing to BIS service with Taiwan Mobile, but using a non-3G device?
I have a Curve 8900…and have always used EDGE with providers in several other countries.
Anyways just moved to Taiwan and realized that there is no EDGE service here, at least not with Taiwan Mobile.

How is day-to-day email and BBM? Sufficient…noticable lag? How is browsing using the BB Facebook app?


Rumor has it that Chunghwa Telecom will be opening up BIS pretty soon, and they have EDGE. Although to be frank I used to have a BB 7290 before I upgraded to a Pearl with AT&T and for text-only emails and BBM it wasn’t unbearable at all.

Really ?! That’s a good news, it’s been some week now that I’m thinking about switch from ZH to TWM just to get a Blackberry but I really don’t want to. Now I just have to wait a little bit!