Blacklist questions?

So I had it out a little with my boss.
I said I wasn’t happy about the 10,000 NT pay reduction and that I was trying to figure out what I could do.
The foreign director had told me about this before and when I asked for a reason he said he didn’t know.
The Taiwanese director told me it was because of my teaching skills. Specifically, because there is one class where I tend to yell a little bit. It is ages 8 to 11 and there are twenty kids in the class and no Chinese teacher present. So yes I do yell from time to time to get them to listen.
At any rate another foreign teacher when I told him my plight apologized because he had asked to get another hour onto his schedule. He has already been there for a year and a half. It seems obvious to me that they are trying to honor his loyalty to them by giving him the extra hour and trying to shaft me.
I asked if they wanted me to leave and they said no. They have trouble keeping foreign teachers there to begin with and one other teacher is already scheduled to leave. Another is thinking about not coming back and I would make three.
I’m worried that if I just quit they are going to try and blacklist me. Does anyone have any information about this blacklist thing or any information about how I could protect myself from this.
Is my best option to get another job before I get blacklisted?
Sorry if this letter isn’t so succinct.
I’ve already had a couple of other suggestions. I’m thinking of loosing the money I’ve got coming to me, not showing on Monday and doing a big job search over the next week.