Blacklists and Contracts

When I started working for my boss he told me I would be given at least 16 hours a week, however he never had me sign a contract. I have an ARC through him, but no health insurance. Over the course of several months, my schedule has fluctuated from 16 to 25 hours a week as the school is notorious for having a revolving door of foreign teachers. We’ve lost five foreign teachers in the past few months - one was fired, four just collected their pay and left, leaving angry letters on his desk about the boss not living up to agreements, forcing them to work more hours and do more extra work with no extra pay (most of them were on salary). Recently my boss has been “getting stricter with the foreigners” because he wants to remain competative with the other schools in the area, but getting stricter by his defintion just means being a royal dick - you know how narcissistic laobans can be…anyway, in the past two months he has been “punishing” my coworker and me for not giving him the “respect” he deserves by taking away our classes. We’re both down to 12 and 10 hours a week as he has been giving away our classes to salaried teachers (ie: cut costs).

I really want to just collect my pay and leave the country like the other teachers, but I found out from someone at labor affairs that the boss is well-known at the office because he’s always going in and blacklisting foreign teachers with the five year ban. I know that in order to have an ARC you have to work at least 14 hours and you’re required to have health insurance.I work 10 and I don’t have the card.

I really want to stick it to this asshole, but I don’t want the five year ban. I could write more stories and more about how dishonest and unethical this guy is, but I think you know the type. He’s got me by the schneikies with this damn ARC and he’s passively trying to get both my coworker and me to quit, but I’m not planning on staying much longer and I don’t want to have to look for another job. Could I go to Labor Affairs with this one?