Blasting mushrooms with UV light boosts vitamin D by 4,600%


Now just watch the words “mushrooms” and “UV” being banned from any YouTube discussions of COVID.

Funny thing, though, that humans and mushrooms seem to have the same biosynthetic trick. Are we related?


Something for Taichung’s and Taiwan’s mushroom industry to get into.

Insufficiency and deficiency in vitamin D have been linked to increased risk for dozens of diseases — osteoporosis, cancer, and COVID, just to name a few.

Nice to see a Food Science and Technology journal let this pass through the final publishing gate.


What effect will this have on the psychedelic variety?

You can get high and get healthy at the same time.

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Let’s keep the Covid links at a minimum, and keep focus on the delicious topic of irradiated mushrooms. Yay yay yay!

Many years ago in deepest dark Lincolnshire I got a written warning at work for blasting fungi with UV light. :joy:

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