Bling for your bike - Spinners for bikers

You know those spinners for cars? Well looks like bikers get some more extravagent ones:

That’s really cool stuff. I really liked the “clockwork gears” motif. I’m surprised this hasn’t caught on here with the scooter crowd yet.

That’s just swiss clock inside a wheel. Besides, can it do this and get you the girl? :smiley:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you get a stone / bit of wire / baling twine / nail / loose piece of rebar / big stick / plastic sack wandering into this ridiculous piece of ostentation its going to (a) Disintegrate and dump you or (b) lock up and dump you.

These things of course can happen with a “conventional” wheel, but less likely.

There are enough things to (a) break (b) kill me. I don’t need them to invent more.

Ducked, you are such a party pooper. BLING! BLING!

There, feel better?

Say it with me…Bling bling!


stuff like this can A) look cool and B) pick up chix. Break and kill are bargains when you’re cooooool!


what a rediculous product… :noway: I mean on a car, it hardly matters what kind of crap you want to attach to your wheels, but these fools have clearly never heard of the concept of unsprung mass and how it pertains to motorcycle handling and safety… not to mention the added rotating mass… then again they seem to be targeting cruisers/harleys which are immune to performance and handling anyway, so I suppose they may have a market… still seems like a bloody stupid thing to put on your Harley, unless you’re going for that “macho Swiss easy rider” look…:idunno:

stupid and Harley , stupid and Harley, go together like a horse and carriage…nah, doesn’t really rhyme.

clock suckers does, though.