I’ve started my own litle blog at, but I need some assistance. I would like to add some links in the side bar. The instructions they give are a little difficult to understand. Please help!

Blogger makes you do it the hard way, not like Wordpress!

You have to edit the template yourself.

Look for the keywords



  • Google News
  • Edit-Me
  • Edit-Me
  • </ul[/code]

    They are in your template.

    Once you find them. just replace EDITME with the url and key words. Don’t replace any of the funny symbols though.

    so for example


  • Edit-Me
  • My Own Cool Website
  • [/code]

    If you get screwed up, just pm me. I’ll try to help, in return for a nice link!!!

    Best Wishes

Thanks Ken. I’ll try it right away and thanks for the name of the other blog. I might opt for that instead.