Blokes - Would you diet to encourage the wife?

Bloke on a diet?

  • No way, I’m not pussy whipped!
  • Yep, I could do with losing a few pounds.
  • Where’s my beer?

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Just wondering how many blokes out there would go on a diet to help and encourage the wife to lose a little.

We’ve both put on a few pounds recently (I’m up to 80Kg instead of my usual 75) and I embarrassingly can not do up my work trousers, so it’s time to shed a few pounds. I think it has to do with the comfortable lifestyle we have here in Melbourne, and partly to do with me working irregular hours and needing to keep the energy levels up. Not to mention I bought a car, so I don’t ride my bike as much any more.

I didn’t want to diet, but so far it is going well. I was getting upset with my beer belly to the point of feeling heavy, tired and uninspired, so when she mentioned it, I threw in the towel and agreed.

Day three today and we have both lost 2Kg when we weighed ourselves last night, but I guess most of that is water being lost. I also have a very sweet tooth, I’m hoping that if this diet goes well I will lose some of the cravings for sweet things after a meal.

Should dudes diet, or shouldn’t we admit to it.

L :smiley:

good luck with ur regimen: stay off processed food, sugar, and just eating more than u need.

I came down 3 pant sizes in 8 mos. by doing that.


Things are going well. I returned to work today and didn’t cheat at all. It’s funny how my cravings for certain food have disappeared. I thought I’d take this a lot harder than I have so far.

Today I weighed a portion of cereal that I would usual have in the morning, it was over 150g! Three times the recommended portion. I hope that I will be a bit more careful in the future.

L. :banana:

Remember, a portion isn’t a serving…
Some people eat more than a portion, some eat less. Although, in saying that, I guess three times is a bit excessive :smiley: