Blood flow restriction (occlusion) training

I am trying to get back into weight lifting but don’t want to spend an hour or more a day lifting. I also don’t want to throw around heavy weights in my very cramped home gym. I have seen some videos on BFR, which basically entails using bands to cut off venous flow from your arms or legs. This causes lactic acid to accumulate in your muscles, and also expands muscles cells. Or something like that. This is supposed to allow rapid size and strength gains with low weight/high reps. I haven’t seen much negative on this, no accidental amputations or whatnot, but wonder if any of you fitness buffs have any first-hand experience with this approach, and if so was it helpful.

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Throwing heavy weights around is indeed quite dangerous.

Especially from the roof.

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Bfr isnt something id recommend a beginner to do and those who aren’t beginners can often find otherwise to stimulate growth.

Just lift with good technique, feel the pump and eat lots. Youll grow

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Not really a beginner but have been on hiatus for a few decades. Why don’t you recommend?

Simply put. Its not a simple way to train. When we train we want it to be effective, bfr requires you to know exactly where to place it for the muscle group youre targeting, how much pressure to apply and for how long.

All that is beyond what a beginner would know, and honestly it is more of a fad. The real gains comes from training properly, resting properly, eating properly and being consistent.


Thanks. Have you tried it at all?