Blowing my nose - weird effects

Yesterday I had stuffy nose due to allergy so I blew my nose and… it’s not the first time it happens, but it’s weird… I felt my leg muscles sore, like boiling and stiffening. Probably forumosa isn’t the best place for asking these questions so I did a bit of research before asking you guys and found other people reporting something similar:

Any idea of what the fuck this can be?

Other things, related or not, that I have experienced:

  • Sometimes when hiking, very obvious tingling in my arms as I inhale deeply. Maybe this only happens when it’s hot…? can’t tell now
  • if I block my nose with my fingers and try to blow and through it, I get drunk like dizzy for a while. This has happened all my life

I always assumed these things were “normal”, but now I wonder if that’s really the case.

This can be circulation? The blood vessels are expanding and the blood is flowing faster than at your resting heart rate.

The blowing the nose could just be a nerve.

This could be related to your equilibrium. Your ear has a sensory system that tells your body were you are and if you are moving. Blocking your nose and blowing will put air and blood pressure on these nerves.

Yeah, I read a reference to this here, but I think I don’t have sciatica:

As for the tingling:

Hmmm not the only sign of problems in that area…

It’s not sciatica.

Yeah, I don’t think so.