Blowing up mosquitoes

I’ve trie everything in an attempt to get rid of my mosquitoes. I’m starting to think blowng them up might not be a bad idea. How much TNT will do the job?

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get it immediately. Good one.

Butterflies are easier to blow up, except the moth balls smell bad and get in the way. … -patch.JPG

It seems it can be done.

You spend too much time on the computer Rinkals. But I like it. :slight_smile: What I hate is mosquitoes. Again last Tuesday I woke up with a swollen body part, the lip it was, and I had a hard time talking it was so bad. I’m going to get cancer because the only safe way not to get bitten at night is to spray myself with chemicals. :s Mosquitoes back home aren’t so bad. Here, they swell up and once the swelling goes down, I feel bruised. I can’t stand the little bastards. Said it before, saying it now and will say it again in the future. I can’t stand mosquitoes.


No need to blow them, just suck them.

[quote]The Mosquito Mega-Catch
Easily the best non-propane unit on the market, the Mega-Catch is virtually maintenance free: just plug it in and turn it on. The trap uses a strip of octenol (to generate a scent that resembles breath), a UV bulb, and flashing LEDs (oscillating frequencies determined to coincide with spectral sensitivities of many mosquitoes). When mosquitoes get close to the trap, the patented airflow system that disperses the attractant sucks the insects inside, where they are collected in a mesh catch bag or a liquid catch pan that is easy and safe to empty.In a USDA suburban test, our trap captured up to 1,200 mosquitoes in a single night and diminished mosquito populations over an entire acre. The LCD can be programmed so the trap operates around the clock or only during peak hours such as mornings and evenings.Energy efficient Mega-Catch uses AC power (60’ cord with weatherproof connectors included). A cloth skirt (included) wraps around the trap for proper octenol dispersion and optimal suction. Octenol needs to be replaced after three weeks of use (more available below). Catch bag and liquid catch container (you can use either) are kept behind a lockable door for safety. Comes with a stand, or can be hung from a tree (optimal height is around 3’ from ground). Durable all-weather plastic unit comes fully assembled. 16" H x 10 1/2" W x 12" L. (10 lbs.) [/quote]

Go to same page to see the “Impenetrable Bug Cap,” “Extended Reach Insect Vacuum,” and “Commercial Two Acre Insect Light.”

Start smoking more pot. The smoke and stench will eventually drive them away.

On the other hand, it could backfire and give the mosquitoes the munchies.

I want a good moxsquito killer but dynamite and gunpowder are a little out of my budget. What to do?

When I sit outside on the balcony I turn on a small plastic box that emites an almost silent high frequency sound that mosquitoes hate. I never get any bites. I bought it years ago at a hardware store back home.

At night we sleep under a mosquito net.

I haven’t noticed a single mosquito since I moved here, not sure if it’s just the part of town I live in or what.

You’re new here. They’re still sizing you up.

Yeah, and just wait until you see how much they enjoy Western food…