Blu-ray recordable anyone?


I see Blu-ray recordable drives for sale in the major electronic stores, but I don’t see any media.
Has any of the Forumosa community used them?
My main goal is to backup my huge collection of vintage movies (public domain) and TV shows. I would also like to consolidate all of my home movies in old documents on them.
Are they reliable? Most of my DVD recordable seem to be working well after 20 years. Are they economical? I don’t like having my movie collection residing on my hard drive in case of crashing and I’d rather have some of the stuff I don’t go to every day in an easily organized album.
Would a dedicated hard drive be more economical? Would it be okay sitting in a drawer for 6 months to be pulled out and used occasionally?


I haven’t made the leap yet. Buying external 1TB or 2TB harddrives gives you heaps of space to work with and you can move, delete and add things as you need. As long as the place they’re stored is dry and not too hot, you should be okay.

Though you can order the discs off amazon:

Usually if you order more than $60, you can just email them and ask them to remove the shipping charges and they probably will.


Surely cloud storage is the way forward.


This is what I do and I don’t feel particularly afraid of anything happening to my collection. Hard drives won’t spontaneously wipe themselves, and if you’re not throwing them around or dunking them underwater there’s really no reason to worry too much.


The simpler the technology the better. Plus who can really notice the difference between a DVD and a Blue-Ray? whoever says so, they’re lying.

I have a couple of really good DVD’s, in good shape. Let me know if you’re interested.


I can tell the difference between a DVD and blu-ray. Can tell the difference between a blu-ray and a 4K movie too. I can even tell the difference between butter and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Only haters won’t believe.


Sure, let me know what you have.
I’m not really interested in the quality of Blu-ray.
The movies I want to backup are black and white and come from the 20s through the 50s, like The Three Stooges, WC Fields Abbott and Costello, Charlie Chan Shirly Temple …
Please all are public domain MP4 files.
i picture carrying them around in a zippable binder with maybe three or four movies stored on each disc.


lol. They’re the X kind. He’s been trying to hump those onto other people for months on end, pun intended.