Blue screen fixer in Taipei

Well, the year is ending with computer fun. Although we have PCillen installed about five minutes ago the other computer “tricked” me into downloading a trojan virus.

Now I have the Blue Screen.

I have zero computer knowhow and less patence—so I need a recommendation for some computer store/guy to just drag the whole thing down to them and have them rid me of the problem.

Any recommendations?

yours in blue screen fun,

to save you time, money and energy :slight_smile: just try to boot in safe mode (press f8 as soon as your computer boots). see if you still get a blue screen there, you probably wont. also, try to launch your antivirus (if it can be launched which isnt necessarly the case…) and let it do its thing. otherwise, try: start menu> run > (type) msconfig > startup tab. see if there is anything suspicious there…

or worst… re-install windows :raspberry: :fume:

Thanks much for the help, I got a recomendation for a guy and he fixed me all up…I hope.

Happy New Year,
p.s. Forumosa really is useful