Bluetooth headset - problems with PDA

I have an itech Bluetooth headset which works perfectly with my Nokia 6230.

However, I do have some issues with it:

[ul][li] Although calls played through it sound fine, mp3s sound dull and hollow - is this the norm for Bluetooth headsets, or have I bought a dud?
[li] It initially connected with my PDA (Dell Axim 30), without any problems, and played audio perfectly (with the same hollow sound), but now although it still connects, the PDA is not sending the audio stream to it (it comes out through the PDA’s speaker instead)[/li][/ul]

In addition, the Bluetooth adapter I’m using for my desktop does not appear to recognise the headset as a valid audio source. It pairs with it no problems, but does not give me the option of selecting it as an audio source in the audio properties control panel.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good USB Bluetooth adapter?

I can’t offer any help, but I can offer sympathy. My first pocket PC had bluetooth, so I bought a USB adaptor to connect it to my home network. What a pain in the ass, i eventually got it after a heaps of attempts and web research, but it was pretty clumsy. My next pocket PC has got 802.11 and virtually connects to networks by itself.
I have mucked around with bluetooth headsets with phones for other people and in my experience bluetooth devices either connect easily or are a real PITA to sort out if they don’t.
All the best.

Thanks for the sympathy. My phone communicates perfectly via Bluetooth with both my desktop and my PC, as well as with the headset, so I don’t know what the issue is.

My PDA also has 802.11b, so I could link to my desktop that way (if I was to get a wifi adapter for my desktop), but for the moment it’s not worth the trouble - connecting via the USB cradle is enough.