Board game friendly cafes (Taipei)

I’ve heard that many places don’t like board games much. For one, they don’t like if it looks like gambling, but also there’s a noise concern. A final concern is that some of them can take up more than an hour. I have some friends where we can get kinda rowdy. Louisa is a no-go, even though others sometimes get loud.

Anyway, I just want a nice place to play some things and order tea or coffee or something to drink. Paying some extra wouldn’t be too bad. Do I have to call every place I’m considering and ask them about it in my broken Chinese? And am I always looking for places where they already have events or board game related things? I already have the friends and want to socialize and invest in them, too, so prefer a not-entirely-public setting if possible. MAJI square was bad, for example, because people felt free to interrupt us.

Near central Taipei is better, too.

Oh, and does anyone have crazy fun stories about this?

You can try Google Maps search for 桌遊咖啡. For example, I just found this place:

02 2737 1868

Not Taipei, but if you or anyone else that likes board games are ever in Taoyuan, I know these two places:

Slobber 垂涎漢堡
03 356 2177

Board Game Papa
03 215 1285

By the way, I’m always looking for someone to play cribbage with but it’s been impossible so far.


There’s ton of board game places like this where you pay by the hour and play their games. Can bring your own too


I did this map years ago. It is not updated.

It looks like it is not showing the link. Let’s try inside a spoiler:


Years ago I played with a group of Taiwanese inside the National Yang Ming Chia Tung University campus. I was playing with them once a week (not all weeks) during several months. Nice people but they always played the rules wrong. One day they teached me a small Taiwanese card game. Literally 4 rules, two of them did not make sense at all to me when we started playing. I checked the rules, in Chinese, and was able to catch what they were doing wrong. I, with my crappy Chinese, had to tell a bunch of Taiwanese that they were playing 2 of 4 rules wrong.

This wasn’t what made me stop playing with them. Later, I moved to Tamsui and one of them offered to take me home on his scooter because we were playing well pass midnight. One of the most terrifying experiences in my life. At least it was quick, like real FAST. First time, and last, that I ride a scooter with a Taiwanese.


3 Café Studio! I got there to study sometimes and always see people playing trading card games. They have huge board game shelves in the 3rd floor that you can choose from.
Also, the owner speaks perfect English and some of the staff also speak some.