Boardgames/Pen&Paper RPG Groups

I’m still pretty new here to Taiwan and I’m hoping to get out of my apartment during my free times rather than wasting them watching TV. I’m hoping to find groups that are currently engaged in Chess (western, xiangqi, shogi if someone wants to teach me) or Go.

I’m also interested in getting involved in some D&D or other pen&paper games if people are doing any. I have actually no experience in these but it sounds like a good way to kill a free evening and something new to try if people are willing to teach/guide me.

Send me a PM or reply in here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Are you in Taipei? I’m a RPG & board game geek. There’s also a chess (western) club meeting on Wednesdays.

I’m in Xinbei, so getting to Taipei is no trouble for me on the MRT. I’ll have to check the Wednesday thing since that is usually my early day off from work.

My wife and I are settled in DanShui and also really interested in getting back into pen and paper gaming or, preferably, some LARPing We’re looking for any leads to gaming groups that might be accepting new players or, shy of that, putting together our own.

I’m in Taichung and I’m hot on the trail of a local tabletop gaming group.

It seems that they run 4th edition D&D in Mandarin.

I have not yet played 4E D&D, but I’ve played all earlier versions.

Also, I am willing and able to run GURPS for anyone in Taichung.

[quote=“bookishscribe”]I’m in Taichung and I’m hot on the trail of a local tabletop gaming group.

It seems that they run 4th edition D&D in Mandarin.

I have not yet played 4E D&D, but I’ve played all earlier versions.

Also, I am willing and able to run GURPS for anyone in Taichung.[/quote]

4e is nothing like earlier editions. It’s closer to World of Warcraft or other MMO/video games than anything TSR ever made. I’ve played 1st to 4th ed, and 4th ed just isn’t D&D.

I run a 2e game in Taipei, one of two groups I know of.

Hi there, I arrived last week to Taipei and it seems I’ll be staying a while here :slight_smile:

I was playing a D&D 4th Ed. campaign back in Spain (though it’s hardly my 1st choice when it comes to PnP RPGs… I’m (more than) familiar to:

  • WoD stuff (all the old games and some of the new ones, but I prefer the old ones… more or less)
  • Star Wars (old WEG 1st and 2nd editions, and the infamous D20 Edition)
  • D&D (2nd Edition, acquainted with 3rd and 4th Ed)
  • Mechwarrior
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Cadwallon (the Confrontation RPG)
  • Buck Rogers (TSR, D&D-like game, not the D6, comic-based version)
  • Advanced Marvel Super-heroes
  • Warhammer 40K RPGs (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch…)
  • Some other obscure stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting…

Of course, I couldn’t bring my vast RPG paper library with me, but I brought all the PDFs I could gather (yay!)

If someone is up to it, I’d like to do something about my dice-rolling urges from time to time… (not too often, or I could have problems with my wife and in-laws) :blush:

I’m interested in getting into an RPG group again. I’ve played D&D 3.5e and 4e. A little 2e, also.

I’ve also played a lot of single player PC RPGs. I realize it’s not the same, but does give me more background and ideas.

Where do you live? Just curious…

I feel more comfortable with groups between 5-7 people (gamemaster included), so, It would be nice for those other RPG fans to come out of their Narnia closets…

I’d be interested in playing. I had been part of a small group in Taipei who played 4e D&D, Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. Unfortunately, my time is now limited to one or two Sundays a month. Although, I might be able to get away with one or two Saturday evenings.

Also interested! I don’t know about Xinbei, but there is a place called CaCa City in ShiDa area that has a solid selection of board games, and runs pretty cheap, especially if you have a membership. I’d also be willing to meet up somewhere in the city - so long as the directions are perfect. I have a tendency to get lost…

I’ve played a smathering of everything, so anything is good for me. Might need some refreshers though, been a while for a lot of games.

Twice a month would be perfect for me… I totally could get away with that :slight_smile:

i used to do this back in the day. :slight_smile:

Heck only a few months ago i had lots of the 2nd edition campaign books, player handbook, monster manual etc. Unfortunately they got chucked out when i moved house (in UK)

Not sure where ill be staying though - but i wouldnt mind travelling to get some AD&D action :discodance:

Hey, did this turn into a thing? and if so… would it be possible for me to join?

I would love to find a D&D group again.

I’d love to roll some dice, but I’d prefer other games (that is, not D&D). I’m fed up with the old class-based hack&slash games (that includes Rolemaster, MERP, and other similar things).

I’m in Taipei and don’t mind moving to do a little RPGing…

There’s a ‘Taipei Card and Board Game Enthusiasts’ group on Facebook for this kinda thing. It’s got a little over 100 members, and they meet at the two Caca Cities every week, and there are a few 4e games in there.

I haven’t gone in a long time though. Too busy with my wife and running my (full) 2e game.

Hi to all,

Please let me know if you arrange something, I will love too to join the group for some D&D game…

My email address :



Is this thread alive? I’d love to join up for some pen&paper games too! I live in Xindian (Taipei).

My contact mail is:



There’s a big Taipei Gamer group on Facebook. They meet up twice a week usually (Tuesday/Sunday), and sometimes plan parties and such. Pretty nice, inclusive group over all. They also have some AD&D and D&D games going on as well.

120 members in that group.