Boat to Penghu: still possible even after typhoon?

Hello! I can’t figure out the information on the port websites of Kaohsiung or Chiayi harbours, which run boats to Penghu. Lately lots of stuff have been closed in the aftermath of the typhoon! ZAOGAO! Are there still boats to Penghu? Thanks so much!

Mind telling us what those websites are? So we can take a look at them and tell you what’s written there. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the sea lanes have been wiped out by the typhoon. Any boats to and from Penghu now have to climb laboriously over the highest sea mountains in the Pacific, so the ferry service has been cancelled. And you should see the price of vegetables and beer now!

Ha ha xiao! Very funny, but it seems like everything IS closed because of typhoon, like Walami (closed until November), YuShan (for at least a week), and snorkelling almost anywhere on the island.

The website is: … o=03000998

This then has links to the various harbor websites. I’m interested in leaving from Kaohsiung but I can’t find passenger boat information or schedules on their website.

Thanks if you’re able to help…

Tai Hua leaves Kaohsiung every morning at 9:00 and returns every day at 15:00. I can’t imagine that service was disrupted for more than a couple of days after the typhoon passed. You want to arrive a little early to go through security, although I showed up once at 8:59 and they sent me right on the boat and I bought my ticket after the boat had pulled away.