Bodies and faces in the landscape

I was curious how many of you have seen bodies or faces in the lanscape around the world. I recall going to Hawaii as a boy and seeing the John Kennedy face in the mountain. It really did look like his face.

Any more such sightings? Aised from the genitalia rocks up in Yeh Lio, near Keelung. :slight_smile:

here’s a cool sight for such…sights … ndian.html

The queen’s head in Keelung, other than that I have never seen things like this.
But, I often play with my son watching clouds and the shape they make, you can see all kind of faces, animals etc… A lot of fun. (but off topic). :wink:

well, the queen’s head is a given in TW. :slight_smile:

And my son and I do the same thing. Good for creativity. But many times the clouds just look like “poop” or “long poop” or “diarrhea.”

I think I’ve seen Elvis working at a few gas stations working the midnight shift.

I’m pretty sure it was him.

I’m forever making pictures out of floor tiles and anything marble.

Wooden floors are pretty cool too.

Once in a bar in Taipei, I saw a small chalk board that had been partially erased. From the angle I was at, I saw a Shroud of Turin kind of face.

I even asked the guy next to me if he saw it too. Yup.

I see this thread has morphed. Cool

OK, where do you see faces and bodies, when they are not actual faces and bodies?

It’s kinda hard to tell from a picture, but this mountain in BC looks like an Indian Chief lying on his back. YOu may recognize it as it has appeared in a lot of movies lately. Insomnia with Al Pacino for one.

See the white part in the middle? That’s called The Sheriff’s Badge.

The Stawatmus Chief is the 2nd largest granite monolith in the world. (Gibralter being #1) It is a mecca for climbers in Canada as it has over 100 routes. It also is home to the 3rd highest waterfall in North America. A really breathtaking sight, especially in the rainy season.

There is a similar one in Jasper, Alberta called The Old Man in the Mountain, but google gave me no joy on that front.

I see dead people…all the time, but they don’t know they’re dead. :help:

What about the Bart Simpson, Nixon or Sail Rock down at Ouluanpi?
And I have a partially eaten raisin muffin from Costco that bears an uncanny resemblance to Annette Lu’s face. I’d put it up on ebay if I thought anyone would actually know who she is.

It’s called pareidolia

Waoo!!! Psychology!!! What a science! :loco: :smiley: :smiley:

From Koh Samui, the “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” Rocks…

[quote=“Maoman”]From Koh Samui, the “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” Rocks…

Now, how in gods’ name did you have these pictures for that thread? :bravo:

Maoman, is that a waterfall and red rock on the erm, “grandmother”? It has to be photoshopped?

BTW, nice. YUCK. But nice. :bravo: