Body safe adhesive- for to improve nasal strips

I put this in temporary forum because I know I’m going to be flooded with all sorts of useful things you can do with body glue but afraid to ask.
Here’s the situation. I’ve got these nasal strips to reduce snoring and they work for about 1 hour.
after that, one side just releases due to my oily skin.
So, is there something I can buy to enhance the hold.


You really want me sleeping on the 4th floor all by myself, don’t you. The ancestors up there my even kick me out.
Heck, I’ll just use crazy glue, it too will slip off.
Seriously, there must be a safe removable adhesive.

I switched through a few brands. Some last, some don’t. Japan Medical pharmacy chain日藥本舖 has a couple brands different from other places but not all their shops carry them.

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That’s where I think I got my box. Please share a photo or UPC number of the brand you like.
Unfortunately I live pretty far from the city. It’ll be a month before I can get back.
I’d like to make the box work.
Frankly, it’s pretty pricey to use on strip daily and throw it away

I’ll post pictures later. Yes they are crazy expensive for only one use.

This person makes their own.

Have you tried washing your face, you greasy SOB?

Try securing it with this. You can find it at 7-11.



The trick is to stick the tape not only to the area around your nose, but to wrap it around your head a few times. Much better adhesion this way!


Could be better but it makes my lips dry out.

Please… I steam clean my face but still produce more grease than a calzone.

This might be your problem, tbh. If you wash your face too harshly or with really hot water/steam, it dries up, and dry skin overproduces oil to compensate.

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